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Cobeco Clean Play Disinfect 80S 150ml

Cobeco Clean Play Disinfect 80S 150ml




Cobeco Clean.Play Disinfect 80S is a disinfect spry specially designed for extra thorough hygienic cleaning of sex dolls and erotic toys.

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Cobeco Clean.Play Disinfect 80S kills all bacteria that are still on sex dolls and / or erotic toys after washing but does not affect their structure. By regularly cleaning them well, their quality is maintained and the use is hygienically responsible

Clean.Play in is the new maintenance brand by Cobeco Pharma. A collection that delivers a complete cleansing package for all sex toys and sex dolls.

The best way to keep your sex toys clean, disinfected and bacteria free is to use:
1 - A delicate washing cleaning soap
2 - An antibacterial disinfectant spray
3 - A protection powder for maintenance and storage

- Disinfect spray
- For sex dolls and erotic toys
- For an extra thorough hygienic cleaning

Ingredients: The active substance is ethanol 600G/L.

Content: 150ml