dropshipping process

Dropshipping allows a store or reseller to sell their products normally on their sites without having to keep a stock of products, this being the responsibility of the supplier or distributor, in this case Erotic Sex Shop.

That is:

> You receive the order from your customer

> You place this order at the Erotic Sex Shop online store

> You tell us that you want to use Dropshipping

> We prepare the order and send it directly to your customer

NOTE: Erotic Sex Shop does not have any contact with your customer and the order does not include any information about us. Your client will have no idea that we are involved in the process.



> Does not require stock investment and rental of storage space

> Reduction of costs with logistics issues such as packaging and shipping

> Low investment since you only buy from Erotic Sex Shop as your sales are made

> Variety of products since you can count on the full range of products from Erotic Sex Shop

> Shipping Worldwide