Male Masturbators

It is made with the latest materials and feels nice. The spectacular appearance can bring you super sexual and visual experience. You will not be able to put it down.

This is a non-inflatable real love doll made of high quality real-feel skin which is skin-safe and feels simply amazing.

This masturbator is made from a soft, pliable, vibrating patented material and is designed specifically to replicate the sensations and feelings associated with anal sex.

A snug, lip-shaped opening that leads to a realistic love skin textured interior, this stroker is designed to make male’s solos sessions feel like the real thing.

This love doll is ready to please with her sensational sex holes.

Handsome Up penis enlargement pump gives you the confidence you've always dreamed about without any harmful side effects. It even lends amazing support in erectile dysfunction and curvature treatment. Easy to use and you'll be amazed by the result.

Get this super-tight vibrating pussy for an amazing penetration experience. Includes powerful vibrations for enhanced stimulation.

Multi speed vibrating penis pump with twist action control cap to adjust the vibrations. Clear cylinder and built in quick release safety valve for rock hard erections.

This masturbator is a life size lifelike doggie-style vagina with snug ribbed love tunnel and anal opening with ultra-tight yet smooth tunnel.

This discreet design features a mouth opening and specially designed mini-lotus inner texture for an extra-tight sensation that’s exclusive.

Are you alone on your own? Invite Jessica, the Touch Me! - Mouth male masturbator, and receive the best oral stimulation you could ask for! 

Welcome Riley, the new Touch Me! - Vagina realistic male masturbator. Distinguished by its textured interior, this erotic toy promises sensations close to reality!

The latest Touch Me! collection has arrived and with it came Tori, the realistic male masturbator with anus. Perfect for anyone looking for true anal penetration sensations. Buy it now! 

Fuck all night and day with a hot woman that never says no.

This penis pump is specially designed for men looking to get a very hard and big erection in only a few seconds. Each pull on the trigger will grow your penis to make it more impressive, harder and thicker. 

This lovely inflatable girl will bring you into the erotic world.

Change radically your sex life. The Pussy Vibration is a vibrating silicone vagina that can be used for men masturbating. Made of soft silicon, feels like a real vaginal. Has has 7 different vibration modes that can be customized on the remote control

Male cock with vagina is a realistic masturbator made from flesh-like material.

The Men Heat Vibration combines an exciting heating function with deep vibrations for maximum stimulation of the tip of the penis. A truly authentic experience of pleasure. Perfect for increasing personal excitement or as a preliminary to spice up a relationship.

TENGA Egg Clicker is an incredibly elastic masturbating egg that combines a smooth interior with patterned textures in small circles that stimulate the entire penis.

Randomly intertwined delicate ridges gently caress you as you stretch, twist and squeeze the Tenga Masturbating Egg Silky along yourself. These smooth details glide over you like the finest of silken cloths, creating a gentle, melting sensation that slowly wells up from within leading to a burst of ecstasy.

The inside of the Tenga Sparkle masturbator egg has grooves in the shape of snowflakes that provide unique sensations!

Enjoy the phenomenal sensations of the TENGA Egg Spider masturbator egg. These small beauties are extensible and adapt to all penis sizes. Easy to transport, apply the included lubricating lotion and you will be surrendered.

The interior of the Tenga Egg Stepper Masturbator Egg has geometric, rounded grooves that face up and down to deliver constant strong stimulation with every thrust.

TENGA Egg Sparkle has a multitude of snowflake patterned nodules and nubs inside its stretchy sleeve.

This amazing Tenga Twister male masturbator egg has unique designs and grooves on the inside to provide the best sensations. It has the appearance of an egg, which makes it both unique and discreet.

The WAVY, male masturbator egg, has the inside lined with a pattern of nodules and provides unique sensations! These small eggs, stretch and adapt to all penis sizes.

Completely portable. Completely hidden. With sensuous nodules inside. Multi-speed control.

Which to try first? Will you explore the supple ribbed texture vagina, or tease your cock into the tighter ass? Whichever you choose, you’ll be riding in top gear all the way to an incredible climax.

Did you run out of lubricant? No problem. With this self-lubricating male masturbator you only need a little water and you are ready to enjoy your orgasm.

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