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PJUR AQUA PANTHENOL is a water-based lubricant that hydrates without becoming sticky. Contains no petroleum, oils or perfumes, and is completely absorbed by the skin. Ultra-smooth and long-lasting, this formula with Panthenol nourishes, protects, and regenerates dry and damaged skin.

The water-based personal lubricant with something extra that leaves the skin in your anal area feeling great. The panthenol in this product supports the skin's natural moisture and protects stressed mucous membranes.

2Seduce Anal Relax Lubricant ensures the best relaxation during anal sex thanks to its thick and unique gliding texture. Made specially for women.

CBL Cobeco Anal Lube is a Water Based personal lubricant specifically indicated for anal use. This 500ml bottle will provide endless hours of pleasure.

The thick and gliding texture of the CBL Cobeco Anal Lube make this an amazing lubricant for anal sex or to be used in more intense sex sessions.

CBL Lubricating Butter Fists is an intimate butter with a moisturising result that provides extra comfort in the course of more intense sensual experiences like fisting.

CBL Lubricating Silk Fists is a water-based lubricating gel in a natural white colour that simulates real sperm.

CoolMann Anal Gel is a personal lubricant, which guarantees natural enjoyment because of its thick and distinctive gliding texture that is specifically well suited for anal use.

CBL Cobeco Anal Lube Water Based is a must have for anal intercourse and anal pleasure exploration.

Female Cobeco Relax Anal Lubricant assures enjoyable relaxation throughout anal sex due to its thick and unique gliding texture with nourishing ingredients.

This CBL Cobeco Anal Lube is a Water Based personal lubricant specifically directed for anal use. It thick and unique gliding texture assures pure satisfaction.