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Try out the 2 Cuffs Spreader Bar to get your relationship out of the rut and live new, very sensual and exciting experiences through domination and fetish practices.

This 5 Ball Silver Buttplug with Red Crystal has 5 spheres ranging from 20 to 33mm. This way you can move at your own pace.

Thanks to its special design this silicone ball sits securely in your partner's mouth. The back strap features a buckle with 10 holes for a perfect fit for all genders, shapes and sizes.

Knots are not for you? No problem. With these handcuffs, tying up your partner has never been easier. Use the Leopard Pattern Handcuffs to encourage your partner with wild moments of pleasure.

If you're looking for upper body restraint that's sure to hold, this harness is ideal. With a strong collar and 2 cuffs linked via a sturdy long strap, it keeps your lovers arms either in front or behind their body.

Are you ready to enjoy a new form of pleasure? Ready to discover this seductive and daring world of fetishes and sadomasochism? Everything is possible with the BDSM Arms and Neck Spreader Bar.

Do you want your partner to obey your orders and wishes without complaint? Then the Ball Gag Gag with Metal Leash was made for that very purpose, to answer all your expectations!

Keep your partner in total silence with this gag and complete the submission ritual with adjustable nipple clamps.

Enhance your sensual fantasies with the Batwoman Black Leather Mask. Use the sexy mask to create an atmosphere of mystery and seduction and spice up your relationship even more. Seduction and comfort to put your erotic projects into practice.

The BDSM Adjustable Thigh Restraint Sling will give your nights of pleasure a new look. This BDSM accessory will be responsible for new erotic games that will ignite the couple's intimate moments.

This BDSM set brings together everything you need for countless moments of pleasure. Enjoy unforgettable bondage sessions with this kit consisting of 9 different products.

This gorgeous red BDSM set includes 9 different products to play with like a blindfold, a gag, a rope, a a pair of handcuffs, a flogger, nipple clamps, a collar and leash plus a tickler.

This Beaded Chain Nipple Clamps will provide you with explosive moments of pleasure and excitingly unforgettable experiences. The bead threads connecting the clamps make the look even more erotic and irresistible.

The Big Leather Spanking Paddle is comfortable, fun and easy to use. It has a short handle and a long spade. The wrist strap offers extra spanking safety. Ideal for beginners or experienced in the world of BDSM and Bondage. Perfect for couples who want to spice up the relationship and thus increase their level of pleasure.

The Black and Red Leopard Print Leather Handcuffs are resistant and luxurious. They are the perfect erotic accessory to provide great nights of wild love.

This nipple covers stick easily and securely to your breasts so you can show off your wild side without revealing too much of yourself.

The Black Leather Teddy Body Harness with O-ring is fully adjustable through the buckles so that it can perfectly fit your body.

Created specifically for Bondage, this Pink Cotton Rope is soft so as not to irritate the skin while keeping your submissive immobilized and exploring all your weapons of pleasure and domination.

The Bondage Cotton Rope 5m – Black is the perfect accessory for your BDSM sessions and Shibari practices. Use it to tie, the arms, the ankles or even the whole body!

The Bondage Cotton Rope 5m - Pink is a soft and resistant accessory for Shibari practices and other moorings in intimate moments. This pink bondage rope has material suitable to tie and untie as you like during sexy moments or during BDSM practice.

This Bondage Cotton Rope 5m - Red is ideal for shibari and kinbaku practices, exciting techniques for tying your partner. Tie your lover and have control in an even more elegant and pleasurable way!

The Bondage Hemp Rope 10m allows you to open doors to an incredible world of bondage and restraint. It can be used by beginners or more experienced users alike.

This 5m fibre Bondage Hemp Rope is made of resistant, soft and malleable natural fibres, capable of maintaining the structure in more complex moorings. The characteristic smell of hemp makes both the submissive and the dominant yearn for what is to come.

This soft Black Bondage Silk Rope is an excellent addition to any collection of sex toys and BDSM products.

Free your wildest instincts with the Red Bondage Silk Rope. This way your partner will be an easy prey and will be subject to all your hottest wishes.

The Bondage Silk Rope 5m White is a luxurious accessory for bondage practices. It is strong and, at the same time, soft, which allows for the most spicy erotic games while the submissive remains comfortable.

Use the Bondage Silk Rope 5m Pink to take the relationship out of the rut and ignite those moments for two with very spicy erotic games.

Long braided bullwhip for advance BDSM users. 1.4 meters long. Firm handle with short falls ant the tip.

Teach your lover to submit to your every wish with no arguments with this breathable ball gag.

Make your fantasies come true, play and let play, live and a unique experience. The black Catwoman Leather Mask is the perfect complement that helps you reach the climax necessary to make all your fantasies come true.

Intensify the fantasy in your sexual adventures with a Catwoman Red Leather Mask. Leather masks are the ideal accessories for Fetish and BDSM games.

Just one touch of this Red Clit Tickler will make your partner squirm with pleasure. Very soft and smooth, gently stimulates the skin where it touches it.

This might not be a 4 leaf clover but you will surely be lucky to have it. A shiny green riding crop for amazing spanking moments.

Created specifically for bondage use, this soft woven cotton rope won't rub or chafe the skin.

Created specifically for bondage use, this soft woven cotton rope won't rub or chafe the skin.

The Deluxe Leather Blindfold allows you to achieve total darkness in a super comfortable way. Ideal for long Bondage sessions.

Add this Faux Leather Blindfold Red to a pair of handcuffs and a flogger or paddle and you are more than ready to spend incredible moments with your partner.

Feeling a little devilish? Then this riding crop is going to do wonders for your mood and your partner’s satisfaction. For a fun take on your next BDSM session.

This sexy piece will keep your captive quiet during playtime. The soft faux leather cooshy bite area (about 13cm) does not hurt their teeth but won’t let them make a peep.

If you like new experiences, you need to know the Door Jam Sex Swing with Padded Seat. This BDSM product will provide exciting new positions, as well as wild and enjoyable adventures.

These metal anal beads are definately not for the faint hearted. With a length of 16cm you can explore and penetrate deeply with these heavy metal anal beads to give the ultimate anal pleasure. Use as a butt plug or probe, either way you will bring orgasmic results.

Penis ring can prolongs the erection and too stronger orgasms. Ideal for erectile dysfunction or hyperfunction.  

Take advantage of the super seductive fun with the ultimate hit of fetish fantasy. This double cockring stimulates her clitoris and his testicles to increase sexual pleasure for both. Effective delay of ejaculation to extend the time of sex.

This duo cockring provides to maximize the sexual stimulation by last longer and experience harder erections. Larger ring fits around the cock and balls. The small ring supports only the penis.

Our Original Penis Plug is great for creating a Pierced Penis look.The Steel penis plug is in place so that over insertion is not an issue and it looks like a great piece of penis jewellery. 

Best choice of the adult bedside game,Lasted love with infinite imagination Comfortable using and leave boundless imagination for players to experience sexual games 

Lyricus Cockring, BDSM ring to increase male pleasure. Double special ring for penis and testicles made of faux leather and metal.

For a very special sounding experience get this fantastic penis plug and ring combo.The grooves along the shaft of the penis plug provide highly orgasmic urethral stimulation. 

This Penis Plug has a mirror finish polish and a nice and safe smooth rounded insertion tip. A acrylic stone adds even more glamour and bling. Each of these penis plugs is exquisitely designed and constructed from smooth and shiny stainless steel.

Jeweled Penis Plug (Ruby). Tapered tip for easy insertion. Undulated for extra sensations. Gorgeous decoration for your penis

Small silver metal buttplug with pink crystal and grooves at the base. 

Small silver metal buttplug with purple crystal and grooves at the base. 

When wrapped around the scrotum, this ball strechter gives the testicles a tug downward. Attach weights to the center 'O' ring for additional tension and pull.

This leather cockring can be adjusted variably with buttons. 

One for all - this leather cockring is variably adjustable. Thus the cock-ring fits any man and can be worn over the penis, the testicle or over both. In addition, the applied pressure can be adjusted freely.

When wrapped around the scrotum, this ball strechter gives the testicles a tug downward. During sexual activity, testicles retreat upward before and during ejaculation. This ball stretcher keeps testicles in place while enhancing orgasms for the wearer.

In order to improve your sexual life and infuse refreshing flavour into it, you should not miss this Stainless Steel Male Penis Ring Catheter Silver.

This ball cockring will separate testicles while constricting the flow of blood to the penis. The device will keep the testicles in place, providing enhanced sensations and stimulation for the wearer.  

This Penis Plug is perfect for cock stuffing. Made of highly polished shiny, medical grade stainless steel similar to penis jewellery used for a Prince Albert piercing, and it ensures that this penis plug doesn't disappear in the penis.

This tri cockring provides to maximize the sexual stimulation by last longer and experience harder erections. Larger ring fits around the cock and balls. The 2 small rings supports only the penis.

This steel cockring with 3 metal rings is the perfect instrument for a more intense and long-lasting erection.

This cockring will separate testicles while constricting the flow of blood to the penis. The device will keep the testicles in place, providing enhanced sensations and stimulation for the wearer.

Get maximum staying power and unbeatable hardness with this cockring system. The front faux leather cockrings fit perfectly around your cock and the large ring fits perfectly behind the scrotum.

4 Metal Cock Pu Leather Tied Male Bondage. Delayed ejaculation.

5 Metal Cock Pu Leather Tied Male Bondage. Delayed ejaculation.

Metal penis rings are a basic accessory in BDSM. This SEVW Extreme Stainless Steel Classic Cockring comes in 2 sizes so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Double your pleasure and fun with the Dragon Stainless Cockring . The Dragon Stainless Cockring keeps you nice and hard and your ass stuffed all at the same time.

Double your pleasure and fun with the Dragon Stainless Cockring . The Dragon Stainless Cockring keeps you nice and hard and your ass stuffed all at the same time.

The Faux Fur Lined Pink Blindfold is a very feminine blindfold not only for its pink color but also for the soft synthetic fur that it has inside that provides soft caresses.

This Black Faux Leather Blindfold takes on the traditional BDSM look but without overdoing it, which makes it one of our best selling blindfolds.

Fill yourself with pleasure with these nipple clamps connected to individual chains and attached to a synthetic leather collar. You get the maximum sensation in each BDSM session.

This restrictive bondage accessory binds the hands to the neck by a thick leather strap, hindering their movement and keeping them imprisoned, awaiting your will.

Made from soft faux leather, this spanking paddle is the perfect introduction to the pleasure of spanking play.

With the detachable eye pads this product doubles as a mask and a blindfold. This way is easier to decide what you want your partner to see giving you an extra level of control.

Elegant and with a glamorous style, these sensational Feathered Nipple Clamps are metallic and coated with silicone tips which provide incredible sensations! The tips are easily adjustable thanks to the screws and the soft feathers tickle beyond imagination. Great for beginners and fetish lovers!

This facial kit is designed for SadoMaso relationships. The three adjustable straps allow the blindfold to fit any head size. Unisex.

Four Cuff Flexible Spreader Strap. This soft and flexible nylon strap has 4 cuffs attached to it, for binding wrists to ankles.

This Full Mask with Mouth Hole Black can generate excellent moments of delicious anticipation by depriving the submissive of senses such as sight and hearing.

This Full Mask with Mouth Hole covers the entire head of the submissive, leaving only the mouth uncovered. This BDSM product is also available in black.

The handcuffs are the most classic erotic accessory that anyone can have. Add a touch of fantasy and emotion to your relationships with these black leather handcuffs lined with fur. Set your adventures on fire in the bedroom.

These Fur Lined Red Leather Handcuffs are extremely sexy and provocative, perfect for getting started in bondage practices. It is the ideal erotic accessory to give your partner some exciting and unforgettable moments.

Metal handcuffs covered with faux fur ideal for bondage beginners. For comfortable use for longer. Available in 5 colours.

Galahad is a a male chastity device that allows Doms full control over the Subs erections. Open format but still very restrictive

This Gawain male chastity device allows for full control over erections. A must-have for Dominators to punish, or reward their slaves.

Genuine leather handcuffs that are excellent for bondage sessions. These black handcuffs with metal accents and solid D-rings for attaching chains are also the ideal accessory for BDSM practitioners

This grooved jewel stainless steel rosebud buttplug is designed for a nice comfortable fit and a long term wear. This plug weigh a little more than other plugs.

This grooved jewel stainless steel rosebud buttplug is designed for a nice comfortable fit and a long term wear. This plug weigh a little more than other plugs.

The Heart Impression Spanking Paddle - Pink leaves you in charge of your BDSM and Bondage sessions! Excite your partner and give them the most exciting punishment of his life. This paddle is ideal for erotic games of seduction and domination. For a more pleasurable experience combine with other products from SEVW Extreme.

Are you looking for new and more daring experiences? The Red Heart Impression Spanking Paddle provides all this and much more, for lovers of BDSM games and more!!! Explore your dominating or submissive side with the Heart Impression Spanking Paddle

Show them your love by branding them with this heart shaped spanking paddle.

This versatile cuffs set allows you to restraint your partners wrists and ankles behind them in a traditional hogtie, or in front of them for whatever naughty plans you have in store. They’ll be helpless to your every whim!

This Hogtie Leather Restraints Leopard adds an animal touch to your bondage sessions.

The Houdini chastity device has the best of both worlds: a solid stainless steel shaft and a tip opening for easy access to the glans.

Chastity device for great restriction. Completely closed, to better prevent the growth of the penis during erection.

For true BDSM lovers, this elegant and attractive Arm Rest in Leather Arm Binder - Black offers you total and complete restraint of the arms behind your back.

The Red Leather Arm Binder Restraint is the perfect BDSM item for those who want to raise the bar on their erotic games. With the Leather Arm Binder Restraint your sensual adventures will be even more wild and intense.

To fully explore the BDSM universe you need lingerie that matches the moment. So try this BDSM Leather Body Harness with G-string to experience the most extreme and exciting pleasures

Are you looking for some special accessory to enrich your sex life with your lover? These Leather Bondage Padded Fist Mitts with a leather buckle to tighten and secure your wrist at various points and for various possibilities will satisfy you.

This black collar is decorated with metal chains and fastens on rivets for easier use. This accessory will help you to realize the boldest fantasies. Enjoy the tease of restraint.

This beauty allows you to experience the sensation of being simultaneously collared and clamped.

BDSM lingerie is what you need to reach the next level of BDSM and reach more extreme emotions. Wear this black leather corset with handcuffs to spice up your sexual adventures and awaken the hottest erotic games.

A red leather corset with arm cuffs is exactly what you need to drive your partner crazy and live the most striking and explosive erotic experiences.

Complete your sexual bondage games with these elegant leather handcuffs with steel buckles. They are suitable for both experienced users and beginners.

The Leather Studded Black Mask is the perfect sexy accessory to take your moments of pleasure to the next level. The Sexy Mask has an elegant and seductive design, besides being resistant and comfortable. Try it and allow yourself to live incredible experiences of seduction.

Feel seductive and uninhibited with the Leather Studded Sexy Mask. A sexy mask is the perfect accessory for your pleasure nights to be filled and to make your partner super excited.

The BDSM Leather Teddy Body Harness enhances your bust, waist and hips at once. Its leather straps are adjustable to exactly match your measurements. Live intense moments of pleasure with this erotic harness.

Explore the world of sex toys with Leopard pattern handcuffs. Sexy handcuffs are perfect for the couple who wants to get out of the rut and live new intense experiences of pleasure.

The leopard pattern on the handle of this flogger whip gives it a luxury feel and makes it look and feel amazing in your hand!

These Leopard print set will provoke strong feelings in your adventures within four walls. Live wild experiences with this beginner bondage set that includes two pairs of handcuffs and a blindfold in leopard print .

This flogger whip has a short handle but long falls that allows for a bigger impact area. Also great for teasing strokes.

This flogger’s handle is almost as long as its falls. Its is not like any others floggers and will be sure to grab your attention and the affection of you sub.

Made from soft faux leather, this spanking paddle is the perfect introduction to the pleasure of spanking play. You will love this Long Leather Spanking Paddle Red

This sexy Love Binds handcuffs are perfect for BDSM and Bondage lovers. Make your relationship more spicy and exciting with these sturdy handcuffs. Put your dark desires into practice and experience pleasure at the extreme level.

Nipple Clamp Chain with Jingle Bells are all you need to discover new sensations and spice up the couple's relationship. Tweezers are adjustable to give your nipples the exact measure of pleasure. The innovation is due to small bells attached to the chain, ideal for those who, in addition to wild adventures, like to make noise.

With this Nipple Clamps Chain your night of love will be crazy. Attach the clamps to your or your lover's nipples and control the pleasure or pain they deserve. Have the most exciting and spicy moments with this erotic accessory.

Nipple Clamps with Metal Cock Ring are the erotic accessories that will awaken extreme emotions in your body and provide you with pleasures never experienced before. Take advantage of this sensual accessory to spice up erotic games and take your experiences to a super exciting level.

As much as you move, this blindfold will not move a millimeter and not even the smallest ray of light will enter. Say hello to total darkness with the No Peeking Blinder Mask.

In BDSM the only limits are those defined by the ones involved. That's why there are products like the Penis Bender Male Chastity Device.

This penis mouth gag is irresistibly erotic! You will love the seductive look and feel of this gag while you explore your deepest sexual desires.

This Gag includes a 5cm long and 3cm diameter dildo, so it is an excellent way to help decrease the gag reflex and effectively shuts up the submissive.

These Pink Plush Handcuffs are ideal for a lady with a provocative side. Wear these sexy handcuffs as a surprise element and give your partner a night of pleasure that is both exciting and unforgettable.

Plain Leather Spanking Paddle - Pink is that essential accessory for your pleasure adventures! It is all made of pink leather to ensure the durability of the item. It has a sturdy wrist strap that gives you the power to confidently enforce your domain. The power of a spanking combined with a simple design, but with a lot of glamour

The sensual leather mask provokes the excitement of any sexual partner. The air of mystery, sensuality and power that the Rainbow Detail Leather Mask awakens will incite fantastic sexual experiences.

A flogger whip with malleable strips in synthetic leather and a beautiful red handle. You can use it to punish or reward.

Try on soft, sexy plush handcuffs to spice up your games for two. These red cuffs with white feathers will provide the couple with more spicy moments, and, for sure, they will want to repeat many times.

Rigid and smooth, this short paddle delivers audible slaps and leave bottoms rosy red and warm. The metal studs frame both sides of the spanking surface for extra sensation.

Tying up your partner and leaving him defenceless is part of your imagination. With the Handcuffs in Leather with Rivets - Black you will be able to realize this fantasy, because this accessory is perfect for those who start practising BDSM and strong enough for more experienced users.

Live intense moments of pleasure with these Red Leather Handcuffs with Rivets. The sexy handcuffs have a seductive design. The red colour makes this Bondage accessory even more provocative and the silver rivets give it an erotic look.

Large golden metal buttplug with blue crystal at the base. 

Large golden metal buttplug with red crystal at the base. 

Large golden metal buttplug with white crystal at the base. 

Sexy stick-on with reusable adhesive backing made from colorful sequin material with long tassels.

Sexy stick-on with reusable adhesive backing made from colorful sequin material with long tassels.

Pleasure Wave Penis Plug with three "waves" in the plug this is definitely a great stimulating tool

The Sexy Lace Mask will add an air of refinement and mystery to your night of pleasure. The sensual mask adds extravagance to your lingerie and brings your pair's imagination to life so that they experience unique and very spicy moments.

The Sexy White Lace Mask manages to combine sensuality, lightness and refinement. This is the perfect erotic accessory to promote incredible nights of pleasure and seduction.

You will love the feeling caused by this little Feather Tickler. The feathers on your skin will give you tickles and provide indescribable sensations.

These luxury ropes combine all the best characteristics of natural and synthetic fibers and won't chafe or damage delicate skin.

Sight deprivation can be very exciting. This Soft Blindfold in Red is excellent for this purpose and is so smooth that you can even use it while you sleep.

With this Soft Satin Blindfold in Black you have a perfect accessory to make your intimate moments more exciting, or simply a soft sale to sleep through the night.

This gag leaves your partner speechless while still granting you access to their mouth as it remains open.

This is an authentic BDSM article, if you like sexual games of submission and domination, you must get to know the Spiked Leather Collar With Leash.

This is the perfect erotic accessory to advance BDSM practices. The Stainless Steel Nipple Clamps with Chain has adjustable screws that allow the intensity control and, therefore, are excellent for generating the highest levels of pleasure.

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