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The Big Leather Spanking Paddle is comfortable, fun and easy to use. It has a short handle and a long spade. The wrist strap offers extra spanking safety. Ideal for beginners or experienced in the world of BDSM and Bondage. Perfect for couples who want to spice up the relationship and thus increase their level of pleasure.

Long braided bullwhip for advance BDSM users. 1.4 meters long. Firm handle with short falls ant the tip.

This might not be a 4 leaf clover but you will surely be lucky to have it. A shiny green riding crop for amazing spanking moments.

Feeling a little devilish? Then this riding crop is going to do wonders for your mood and your partner’s satisfaction. For a fun take on your next BDSM session.

Made from soft faux leather, this spanking paddle is the perfect introduction to the pleasure of spanking play.

The Heart Impression Spanking Paddle - Pink leaves you in charge of your BDSM and Bondage sessions! Excite your partner and give them the most exciting punishment of his life. This paddle is ideal for erotic games of seduction and domination. For a more pleasurable experience combine with other products from SEVW Extreme.

Are you looking for new and more daring experiences? The Red Heart Impression Spanking Paddle provides all this and much more, for lovers of BDSM games and more!!! Explore your dominating or submissive side with the Heart Impression Spanking Paddle

Show them your love by branding them with this heart shaped spanking paddle.

The leopard pattern on the handle of this flogger whip gives it a luxury feel and makes it look and feel amazing in your hand!

This flogger whip has a short handle but long falls that allows for a bigger impact area. Also great for teasing strokes.

This flogger’s handle is almost as long as its falls. Its is not like any others floggers and will be sure to grab your attention and the affection of you sub.

Made from soft faux leather, this spanking paddle is the perfect introduction to the pleasure of spanking play. You will love this Long Leather Spanking Paddle Red

Plain Leather Spanking Paddle - Pink is that essential accessory for your pleasure adventures! It is all made of pink leather to ensure the durability of the item. It has a sturdy wrist strap that gives you the power to confidently enforce your domain. The power of a spanking combined with a simple design, but with a lot of glamour

A flogger whip with malleable strips in synthetic leather and a beautiful red handle. You can use it to punish or reward.

Rigid and smooth, this short paddle delivers audible slaps and leave bottoms rosy red and warm. The metal studs frame both sides of the spanking surface for extra sensation.

Comfortable, fun and easy to wear, this is a great BDSM spanking paddle.

Not to long, not to short. This studded paddle has a very ergonomic shape designed for loud, precise spankings.

The Studded Hearts spanking paddle is ideal for sensual and erotic play. Go crazy with your partner and heat up the relationship even more! Become a submissive or a dominator! The Studded Hearts Paddle lets you take charge of your BDSM and Bondage sessions!

If you like good BDSM sessions then the Studded Leather Long Paddle Spanking Red is ideal for power games, and also to establish your obedience position for the submissive.

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