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Dildo Alien, composed of an irregular penis shape. Extremely malleable and flexible. This can be used as a clitoris stimulator.

Do you wish you could be as cute as a fox? With this amazing fox tail plug you can easily become one!

Anal plug with fox tail in red colour. Sensual and pleasurable, this is the ideal product for those looking to get out of the routine with hot adventures. Perfect for solo masturbation or playing with your partner. Deep Desire at the lowest price in the market!

Bitter Melon Dildo, with a peculiar and rough texture, characteristic of the fruit. Easy to introduce due to its diameter.

Centaur Dildo with enigmatic shapes prepared to create unusual sensations. Its base has a suction cup.

The Chimera Dildo is composed of different textures at different angles. On one side smoother and the other rougher to experience different sensations.

Donkey Dildo, with a large diameter, is more suitable for experienced people. Texture close to reality.

Dragon's Egg dildo, with scales relief. Soft and flexible, sometimes considered a Buttplug.

Griffin Dildo has two textures. One smooth surface and the other a mixture of textures and amplitudes. With suction cup base.

The Hydra Dildo is robust. With formats allusive to the sea, wavy reliefs, sea currents, and an irregular shape.

Large Cactus Dildo is in the form of a potted plant. With three zones of greater diameter until the beginning of the base.

Large Horse Dildo is long and extremely flexible. With an arrow shape at the tip, it facilitates introduction.

Mini Cactus Dildo, in the shape of a potted plant. Ideal for beginners to Dildos with amplitude. Composed of a base with a suction cup.

Minotaur Dildo is composed of different amplitudes. In a virtually smooth and slippery surface texture. With a suction cup base.

Octopus Tentacle Dildo, malleable and soft, is composed of small suction cups protruding from the tentacles.

San Pedro Cactus Dildo has an arrow-shaped tip. In this way, it facilitates the introduction tor beginners and experienced.

Small Cactus Dildo, in the shape of a plant with a pot. With a stable base and a small suction cup.

Small Dragon Egg Dildo, with scratched and embossed texture. Perfect for beginners and sometimes titled as a Buttplug.

Small Horse Dildo, with rough texture, extremely realistic. With the shape of wrinkled skin and dilated veins.

Spiral Cactus Dildo is composed of a scratched texture in circular shapes protruding to the surface, facilitating the introduction.

Unicorn dildo has a smooth and soft texture, with protruding grooves in each curly wave.

Whale dildo, with an exuberant diameter and a lightly striped texture for extreme sensations.

Wolf Dildo has a realistic look, with an approximate size of the human genitals. With size and diameter ideal for beginners.

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