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TENGA Egg Clicker is an incredibly elastic masturbating egg that combines a smooth interior with patterned textures in small circles that stimulate the entire penis.

Randomly intertwined delicate ridges gently caress you as you stretch, twist and squeeze the Tenga Masturbating Egg Silky along yourself. These smooth details glide over you like the finest of silken cloths, creating a gentle, melting sensation that slowly wells up from within leading to a burst of ecstasy.

The inside of the Tenga Sparkle masturbator egg has grooves in the shape of snowflakes that provide unique sensations!

Enjoy the phenomenal sensations of the TENGA Egg Spider masturbator egg. These small beauties are extensible and adapt to all penis sizes. Easy to transport, apply the included lubricating lotion and you will be surrendered.

The interior of the Tenga Egg Stepper Masturbator Egg has geometric, rounded grooves that face up and down to deliver constant strong stimulation with every thrust.

TENGA Egg Sparkle has a multitude of snowflake patterned nodules and nubs inside its stretchy sleeve.

This amazing Tenga Twister male masturbator egg has unique designs and grooves on the inside to provide the best sensations. It has the appearance of an egg, which makes it both unique and discreet.

The WAVY, male masturbator egg, has the inside lined with a pattern of nodules and provides unique sensations! These small eggs, stretch and adapt to all penis sizes.

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