Gloves & Hats

Do you know what will happen when you open the naughty box from Obsessive? You’ll fall in love with all the charming details of your new, sexy mask! Use it to spend plenty of hot, piquant moments with your lover…

Special lingerie needs… special accessories! Here’s something you should try. Lacy mittens with a floral motif and flirty bows! Thanks to them sexy gets even sexier. You’ll have a lot of occasions to check it! Amazing experiences – guaranteed!

Pretty, sexy and tempting? Yes – it’s just you! Get this charming look with the sensual, black guipure. This mask brings plenty of magical moments. And guess what? It works hot and naughty, too! Ready for a night of spicy sensations?

Wanna be really tempting and make him adore you even more?

Your sexy attribute for tonight? Plenty of intriguing and coquettish appeal! Aww, yes. Don’t hesitate. Put on this special mask, give your lover a flirty look and let him know – it’s gonna be a very naughty night! Enjoy it together!

This glove is perfect to complement your erotic look in BDSM games. The glove is made of black eco-leather and a unique and extravagant design that perfectly achieves the erotic and naughty BDSM look.

Let us discreetly enter you into the world of fantasy. Keep your eyes wide open. Blindfold will give you a little bit of uncertainty, thrill and excitement in the world of eroticism.

Add some spiciness to your lingerie. Put it on together with Darkie mittens!

Great look is so important – we know that. But don’t forget about a touch as well. Put delicate, smooth gloves on your hands and gift him with subtle necking. Everybody knows that Obsessive produces the thrill of emotions and goosebumps.

Very sexy set including gloves, skirt and thong. Very short skirt originally cuted in the form of wide garter belt, on the back have a fancy thin satin ribbon lacing, which gives to it a unique character...Sizes: S/M and L/XL

Hands full of… love? Yes, yes, yes! This tiny trick will heat up the atmosphere and seduce your lover in a perfect way! Feel the charming lace and touch of real fun! It's always good to have them with you…

Take my hand. Close your eyes and imagine the subtlest touch ever. Do you feel it? This is the touch of love. With these fabulous gloves every night will be more romantic and every touch will be full of pleasure!

Eye catching red mini top hat with with fine red mesh detail and floral work.

Semi transparent ornament in the shape of a hat offering a retro elegant look. Decorated with adorable floral embellishment and feathers.

Mini top hat with black feathers and fine mesh detailing, crystal stone and satin bow motif.

Cover your eyes and… start the naughty play! Feel this silky fabric on your skin and discover the pure pleasure. Tonight you don't need your eyes - use your imagination! So?

Wanna play a role of a mysterious temptress? You don’t need a sword, a horse, or even a cape (it would be a sin to cover such a fabulous body). Your sexy shapes and black mask is everything you need! Probably you won’t save the world, but you’ll save your

The Sexy Lace Mask will add an air of refinement and mystery to your night of pleasure. The sensual mask adds extravagance to your lingerie and brings your pair's imagination to life so that they experience unique and very spicy moments.

The Sexy White Lace Mask manages to combine sensuality, lightness and refinement. This is the perfect erotic accessory to promote incredible nights of pleasure and seduction.

Sight deprivation can be very exciting. This Soft Blindfold in Red is excellent for this purpose and is so smooth that you can even use it while you sleep.

With this Soft Satin Blindfold in Black you have a perfect accessory to make your intimate moments more exciting, or simply a soft sale to sleep through the night.

Complete your erotic look with a sexy hat that represents power and control. The black Tokyo Hat has an elegant design and is made with a shiny latex-like fabric.

Put on your Tokyo hat and show who's boss. Tokyo is a perfect sexy hat to complement the look in erotic games and BDSM, as its bold design gives of a power and control vibe.

Elegant snow-white head fascinator with fine mesh in the shape of a flower and decorated with white feathers. A stunning bridal accessory.

The elegant and highly feminine gloves will offer a perfect addition to any wedding dress.

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