Collars & Leashes

If you're looking for upper body restraint that's sure to hold, this harness is ideal. With a strong collar and 2 cuffs linked via a sturdy long strap, it keeps your lovers arms either in front or behind their body.

Do you want your partner to obey your orders and wishes without complaint? Then the Ball Gag Gag with Metal Leash was made for that very purpose, to answer all your expectations!

This BDSM set brings together everything you need for countless moments of pleasure. Enjoy unforgettable bondage sessions with this kit consisting of 9 different products.

This gorgeous red BDSM set includes 9 different products to play with like a blindfold, a gag, a rope, a a pair of handcuffs, a flogger, nipple clamps, a collar and leash plus a tickler.

Fill yourself with pleasure with these nipple clamps connected to individual chains and attached to a synthetic leather collar. You get the maximum sensation in each BDSM session.

This restrictive bondage accessory binds the hands to the neck by a thick leather strap, hindering their movement and keeping them imprisoned, awaiting your will.

The black leash is an essential BDSM item. This model is made in glossy lacquered fabric and decorated with studs, providing even more character. 

The 01 collar is a power-play accessory, essential for BDSM beginners and veterans alike.

To fully explore the BDSM universe you need lingerie that matches the moment. So try this BDSM Leather Body Harness with G-string to experience the most extreme and exciting pleasures

This black collar is decorated with metal chains and fastens on rivets for easier use. This accessory will help you to realize the boldest fantasies. Enjoy the tease of restraint.

This beauty allows you to experience the sensation of being simultaneously collared and clamped.

BDSM lingerie is what you need to reach the next level of BDSM and reach more extreme emotions. Wear this black leather corset with handcuffs to spice up your sexual adventures and awaken the hottest erotic games.

A red leather corset with arm cuffs is exactly what you need to drive your partner crazy and live the most striking and explosive erotic experiences.

The BDSM Leather Teddy Body Harness enhances your bust, waist and hips at once. Its leather straps are adjustable to exactly match your measurements. Live intense moments of pleasure with this erotic harness.

This is an authentic BDSM article, if you like sexual games of submission and domination, you must get to know the Spiked Leather Collar With Leash.

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