Gentlemen Shirt

This cotton t-shirt is something that any man needs to have in his closet. Available in white and black, it is a model adjusted to the body and looks good in any casual situation.

This cotton tanktop is ideal for any situation. Natural fibres guarantee greater lightness, breathability and temperature control. Available in Black and White.

This tanktop for men has a deeper neckline. Ideal to wear under the shirt or by itself to draw attention to well-defined pectorals.

Bodysuit 3012 V-shaped. With a front pocket. Thin thong at the back.

Bodysuit 3014 with tulle fabric. Front pocket. Round neckline. V-shaped back. G-string style thong.

The athletic style of this wider tank top is the delight of any sportsman. The red seams along the body make all the difference.

The secret to a night of seduction and hot passion is the Doro BDSM Set for Men. A two-piece set with a bold and very sensual style.

Doro Catsuit is an extremely sensual and erotic costume for men. If you wish to awaken the most libidinous feelings in your love partner, the Doro Catsuit is perfect for you.

Your secret weapon to raise the seduction game will be the Gonzalo Body Harness Black. This body harness for men wraps around your body with black bands to exalt your curves and highlight the best parts of your body.

This harness for men is perfect for your erotic play and BDSM games. The harness is black and has small hooks on the ends.

Make your erotic games even more intense with this Harness for men. The harness presents a structure to fix on the shoulder and wraps the male body passing under the opposite arm.

Awaken your deepest and most erotic fantasies, the time to fulfil them all has come. This harness for men is made with a high quality material and has metal rings so you can combine its use with other BDSM and fetish accessories.

Do you like strong and wild emotions? Then this item is perfect for you. The Harness for men 04 has a metal ring and 4 black bands attached to it. 

With this harness for men the temperature inside your bedroom will burn. The Harness for men model 06 has an authentic design and is perfect to put into action intense erotic games.

This men's harness is perfect for BDSM and other erotic games. The black harness has two straps that wrap around the shoulders.

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