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Stimulant to increase the desire in man or woman. These drops increase libido to facilitate sexual desire soon after ingestion.

CORRIGE CREAM helps the over-excited man to withhold premature ejaculation and experience an orgasm at the same time as his partner.

Ero-Sexin® forte, 45 tablets - for men and women. Aphrodisiac to help overcome erection difficulties and increase libido.

Erotisin®, 10 ml drops - for men and women. Aphrodisiac, sexually stimulating, libido-stimulating and potency-strengthening preparation for frequent sexual intercourse, also helpful for overcoming female frigidity.

Erotisin® forte, 10 ml drops - for men and women. Aphrodisiac to help overcome erection difficulties and increase libido.

Intimate care for the modern and self-confident woman. Various factors are essential for today's woman to enjoy her female sexuality.

HOT SHOT, 28 ml / 26 g cream - for men and women

Intimate care for women. From an intimate massage with ITCH-CREAM a comforting and pleasant warmth results, which can arouse an urgent de-sire of more. This desire can, depending on the type of woman, also cause a prickling sensation.

Orgasmus-Stopper, 20 ml cream - for men. Delays male orgasm. Love cream for external application. ORGASM STOPPER delays the male climax. For the man who wants to control his ejaculation and really satisfy his partner.

Penis Dragees Kraft is a food supplement that vitamin - the plant may increase sexual potency, libido, and prolong an erection...

PENIS DEVELOPMENT BALSAM for cosmetically enhancing your penis by increasing the blood supply to the erectile tissue which generally can lead to the length and diameter of the penis being increased. Contents: 26 gr.

Penis-Marathon®, 12g spray - for men. Special spray for prolonged sexual intercourse by reducing the intensity of stimulation of the top nerves in the penis.

Spanische Fliege, 20 ml drops - for men and women. Increase potency, prevent frigidity.

The ingredients of SPANISH LOVE CREAM can produce various nourish-ing, vitalising and refreshing effects on a majority of women and men.

Natural aphrodisiac and dietary supplement for men and women that stimulates sexual appetite and increases libido. 

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