Furry Love Handcuffs - White


Metal handcuffs covered with faux fur ideal for bondage beginners. For comfortable use for longer. Available in 5 colours.

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These look just like soft fur cuffs but in reality they are much more than that. In fact, they end up being 2 in 1 handcuffs, since the outer faux fur sleeve is removable, so they can be used with or without the fur.

So, if it is your first time using bondage products of this kind it is best to leave on the fluffy sleeve that surrounds these handcuffs. Likewise, if you want to prolong the use for long periods of time, the fur makes it more comfortable to wear. However, as you become more confident, you can choose to remove the fur and use the handcuffs as plain metal handcuffs.

These handcuffs come with a set of 2 keys but for safety reasons, you can always use the quick release lever on each handcuff to open them without needing a key.

These very resistant and effective handcuffs come in several colours so you can choose your favourite.

Maintenance: The outer sleeve can be easily removed for washing with warm, soapy water. The metal part of t...